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Canyon Vista Medical Center knows how important reliable information is to you and your family when making health care decisions. We are committed to providing you information and data on the quality of health care at our hospital. We will be accountable to our patients and our community by sharing relevant and comparative information.

GoldSeal_4colorCanyon Vista Medical Center is a Joint Commission Accredited hospital serving our patients for 50 years. We continually strive to improve our quality of care by monitoring quality indicators on a day to day basis. Our performance improvement plan, committees, and protocols allow for immediate assessment of quality and for immediate intervention and prevention.

You are welcome to contact our Performance Improvement Department at 520-263-3150.

Our Strategic Focus

Creating a Strategic Plan is critical to Canyon Vista Medical Center’s success. It factors into all we do within our organization and it drives our quality, our programs and our priorities. To ensure our efforts are aligned with our values, Canyon Vista Medical Center follows a thorough planning process that identifies needs and opportunities to establish our Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan allows us to focus on strategic objectives to make a significant impact in the areas of our patients, our people, and our future.

Our Patients: Our focus in this area includes patient safety, quality clinical outcomes, and customer service.

Our People: Our focus in this area includes physicians, employees, and public relations.

Our Future: Our focus is to partner with the community, continue financial development, decompress busy areas, increase needed services, continue growing the community benefit program, and to build the new hospital.

Quality Initiative: Reduction of MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) Infection

Strategic Focus: Our Patients

Why Is It Important? Health care-associated infections remain a major cause of morbidity, mortality, and excess health care cost, despite infection control efforts.  Recently, treatment of these infections has become more difficult due to an increase in antibiotic resistance. Infections caused by MRSA are a problem as the number has increased significantly over the past decade and compared to methicillin-susceptible staphylococcal infections, they are more lethal. The principle mode of spread is via the contaminated hands of the caregivers.

How Do We Measure Infections? At Canyon Vista Medical Center, we monitor staff compliance with appropriate hand hygiene practices (soap and water or alcohol based hand rubs).  Reduced MRSA is directly tied to improved hand hygiene compliance. Measurement of staff compliance is two-fold. We monitor compliance with hand hygiene practices by usage of alcohol hand rub compared to the clinical worked hours.  We also measure the number of hospital infections which are caused by all S. Aureus strains.

How Do We Compare: The national average is approximately 40% compliance with proper hand hygiene practice.  Our rate of compliance for May, 2016 was 83%.

Quality Initiative: Patient Satisfaction

Strategic Focus: Our Patients

Why Is It Important? At the heart of our organization is a commitment to patient satisfaction.  The well-being, health, and satisfaction of our patients and their families are the reason we are here.  At Canyon Vista Medical Center, we have an ongoing passion to always place our Patients First.

How Do We Measure Patient Satisfaction? Patient satisfaction is measured by Press Ganey Associates, Inc., the health care industry’s top satisfaction measurement and improvement firm.

Surveys are specialized to the care received and are mailed to patients upon discharge.  Currently, 100% of inpatients are surveyed including Obstetrics; 100% of ambulatory surgery patients; 50% of emergency department patients; and 50% of outpatients.

How Do We Compare: Canyon Vista Medical Center has a three (3) year plan developed to reach the 90th percentile.


Wait times in the Emergency Department continue to be a focus at Canyon Vista Medical Center. Listed below is the national wait time across the U.S.

National Wait Time……..6 to 8 hours

Quality Initiative: Employee Competency

Strategic Focus: Our People

Why Is It Important? The competency of our employee staff is imperative to the delivery of quality health care to our patients. Patients need to have the assurance, security, and confidence that those caring for them are competent in the execution of their independent duties.

How Do We Measure Employee Competency? We measure staff competency at the time of hire during the employee’s initial orientation and then on an on-going basis.  Staff is evaluated for competency throughout the year and the results are reported annually. The evaluation process is done through direct observation of the employee’s performance in the delivery of their job duties and the demonstration of their independent knowledge of job duties, protocols, requirements, and equipment.

How Do We Compare: There are no national or state benchmarks to compare competency levels and/or compliance.  Canyon Vista Medical Center is at 100% compliance with staff competency.

Quality Initiative:

Capital Investment

Strategic Focus: Our Future

Why Is It Important? Capital investment is the hospital’s investment in its future in terms of existing and new facilities, equipment, technology, and new services.  The hospital must have the ability to fund capital investment or we would not be able to maintain current service levels or have funds available to invest in the items listed above.  Canyon Vista Medical Center’s sole source of funds is from payment for services provided.

How Do We Measure Our Capital Investment? Capital investment is measured in three (3) ways. Those are “bottom-line” profitability, “financial assistance”, and “community benefit”.

How Do We Compare: For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012, the bottom-line profitability allowed us to reinvest $6,541,149 in the hospital.  Our financial assistance provided to the uninsured and under-insured totaled $4,682,453 and through our community benefit program, the hospital was able to continue providing a wide selection of free educational programs and assistance to the county valued at approximately $206,828.