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“Outstanding knee revision surgery, zero pain, and 100% usability of my knee!” – Rodney Long

Candidates for Joint Surgery

  • Student athletes: ages 14-through college suffering from sports related injuries.
  • Weekend warriors: younger, athletic adults who want to stay active but who are having issues that prevent them from continuing their active lifestyles, ages 25-45, suffering from tendinitis – not major joint issues: knees, elbows, shoulders.
  • Active middle-aged adults: adults 45-65 who were active in their youth, but now have genetic conditions that require hip replacement.
  • Adults seeking arthritic pain relief: adults 60+ with chronic arthritis seeking pain relief and pain management in knees, shoulders and hips.
  • Encore surgery candidates: patients who have had surgery in the past and need to have surgery again to repair joints previously worked on.

Joint Camp: Preparing for your surgery.

Education is the cornerstone of Joint Camp. Before surgery, patients meet their Care Team who are orthopaedic specialists, nurses, techs, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.

Each patient attends the Joint Camp training session one to two weeks before his or her scheduled surgery.

The Joint Camp is held every first and third Tuesday of the month from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM at Canyon Vista Medical Center, third floor Family Lobby.

The program includes education on:

  • What to expect for surgery and going home
  • Exercise and physical therapy
  • Methods of improving mobility
  • Techniques for handling daily activities such as walking, dressing and bathing

All patients receive a Patient Guide which summarizes the information discussed in this class for their home reference.

Each patient works with a case manager before and after surgery. Before surgery, the case manager will visit the patient’s home and identify any hazards or obstacles such as stairs or furniture that could impact their recovery. Case managers help patients with resources and recommendations to adapt their homes with important safety features that patients need during recovery.

Expect great care while you’re at the Bone & Joint Institute at Canyon Vista.

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Patients receive ongoing guidance and instruction during the hospital stay. The Joint Care Team works with patients to ensure that they have helped at home after surgery, including planning meals and other daily activities. The team may also help arrange for equipment rental and other special needs.

Whenever possible, a family member or other caregiver is included in the process so he or she can provide the most support during the recovery process.

Say Goodbye to Hip, Knee and Shoulder Pain

There’s no need to let pain from hips, knees or shoulders keep you from living a full and active life! The Bone and Joint Institute at Canyon Vista has the expertise and advanced techniques to relieve pain and improve function. We take time to listen and observe each individual situation to provide optimal surgical solutions without having to leave Cochise County. Our team consists of orthopaedic surgeons, nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists and case managers who are dedicated to your personalized care.

Expert Orthopaedic Care

As orthopaedic specialists, we provide joint surgery solutions in the following areas:

Hips. Hip replacement surgery should be considered if hip pain restricts common activities and when conventional solutions haven’t reduced pain or improved movement. Total hip replacement and metal-on-metal hip resurfacing are common hip replacement options offered at the Bone & Joint Institute at Canyon Vista.

Knees. Knee replacement surgery can help sufferers of severe pain and restore function to knees damaged by disease or injury. The types of surgery include total knee replacement and partial knee replacement.

Shoulders. Your shoulders are involved in more motion than any other part of your body. Age, overuse and injury can cause persistent painful conditions that may not respond to nonsurgical treatment. The types of surgery skillfully performed include rotator cuff repair, bone spur removal, removal or repair of the labrum, ligament repair, removal of inflamed tissue or loose cartilage, repair of recurrent shoulder dislocation.

Preparation for a Successful Surgery and Recovery

The goal of the Bone & Joint Institute at Canyon Vista is to return you to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible. That’s why all patients are enrolled in our Joint Camp. Joint Camp actively engages patients in their treatment and recovery. It consists of preoperative education for both the patient and caregiver to prepare them for every phase of the procedure including through recovery and rehabilitation. You’ll receive a comprehensive Joint Camp Guide to help you understand what to expect and how to manage your recovery. Your Joint Camp Guide is tailored to your personal needs and will prepare you for:

  • Home preparation and equipment you may need
  • What to expect the day of surgery
  • Anesthesia
  • Physical therapy
  • Exercises to do now for a quicker recovery
  • Occupational therapy
  • Pain management
  • A plan for recovery and going home
  • Home health services (if needed)

To learn more about the Bone & Joint Institute, please call 520-263-2663 (BONE).