Whether you are a weekend warrior, in the military, or participate in team sports, don’t be sidelined by an injury. Our  Orthopedic Sports Medicine physical therapists have extensive training in the prevention and treatment of injuries caused by exercise, sports, and physically demanding military-readiness. They focus on treating bone and ligament injuries of the shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle along with adolescent musculoskeletal injuries.

For a fast and complete recovery, they apply:

  • Accelerated, customized physical therapy rehabilitation programs

You can count on our team to quickly get you back on the road, court, field – or wherever life takes you.

Call 520-263-3700 for an appointment.


Candidates for Joint Surgery

  • Student athletes: ages 14-through college suffering from sports related injuries.
  • Weekend warriors: younger, athletic adults who want to stay active but who are having issues that prevent them from continuing their active lifestyles, ages 25-45, suffering from tendinitis – not major joint issues: knees, elbows, shoulders.

Saturday Sports Injury Clinics

Beginning August 27, Dr. Randall Roy, orthopaedics and sports medicine specialist, will offer a Saturday Sports Injury Clinic every Saturday for ten weeks to provide expert care for all sports in juries, including football injuries, without having to go to the Emergency Room.

Sports injuries treated include: Strains, sprains, breaks, fractures, minor dislocations, torn ligaments or tendons

X-rays, MRI, and physical therapy consultations will be available.

Staff will begin taking calls and preparing patients at 7:30 am.  Please call 520-263-3500 to schedule an appointment.