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The following is a list of frequently requested telephone numbers. If you can't find what you are looking for, please call Canyon Vista Medical Center's main switchboard at 520.263.2000. For patient names and room numbers, please contact the main switchboard for further assistance.

Admitting & Registration: 520.263.2001
Billing (Patient Accounts): 520.263.3800
Canyon Café: 520.263.2150
Cardiac Rehabilitation: 520.263.3730
Corporate Compliance: 520.263.3890 or 877.508.5433
Diagnostic Imaging Appt. Scheduling: 520.263.3900
Gift Shop – The Shoppe: 520.263.3296
Health Information Management (Medical Records): 520.263.3360
HIPAA (Privacy Officer): 520.263.3890
Human Resources: 520.263.3870
Lost & Found: 520.263.2007
Marketing & Public Relations: 520.263.3299

Administration: 520.263.3000

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