Typical of many U.S. Army installations, a small community developed outside the post gates known today as Sierra Vista. As it grew, the community went through several name changes. In 1915, it was called Buena, then changed to Overton, then to Garden Canyon and later to Fry. When incorporated in 1956, the city was once again renamed and became Sierra Vista. Since its incorporation, Sierra Vista has steadily grown to encompass more than 130 square miles.

The population of Sierra Vista has grown steadily over the years. When it was incorporated in 1956, Sierra Vista’s population was just over 1670. By 2001 the population had grown to 38,710. By 2004 it was an estimated 42,800.

Sierra Vista sits at an elevation of 4,623 feet and is surrounded by mountain peaks reaching nearly 10,000 feet. Sierra Vista offers a temperate four-season climate with ample sunshine. Sierra Vista, translating to Mountain View in Spanish, sits alongside the Huachuca, Dragoon, Mule, and Whetstone Mountains.