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Childbirth Classes

Canyon Vista Medical Center’s child birthing classes are tailored to your childbirth experience here at our hospital. Our specialized classes are taught by experienced staff who have worked in our Women & Children’s Services. Your childbirth educator will provide you with information about pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care, and breastfeeding.

You will also receive a tour of the Women & Children’s Services department.  Books are provided to each participant.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Are the classes open to anyone?
The mom and one coach (support person) may attend the series of classes.

Is there a cost to attend the class?
The cost of the class is $40.00, due at the first class.

When should I sign up for the classes?
We encourage calling and signing up for classes as soon as possible, because our space is limited. We encourage you to register for classes around the time of your 20th – 22nd week.

How many classes are in the series, and when do they meet?
There are 6 classes in the series that meet weekly in the Ramsey Classroom located at Canyon Vista Medical Center. The Ramsey Classroom is on the first floor near the dining room. When you sign up you will be told dates and start time.

What topics are covered in the classes?
Late pregnancy discomforts
Breathing & relaxation
What to do and who to call when labor starts
Information about epidurals and medications used for childbirth
Caesarean birth
Newborn Care, Breastfeeding

To register for classes, call 520-263-3293. 

We offer tours to expectant mothers every Sunday at 7:00 p.m. Because we may have an unexpected high volume of patients, we do request that you please call the unit about 5:30 p.m. on the Sunday you wish to visit so that we may ensure someone is available to conduct the tour.

For more information call 520-263-3300.