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Canyon Vista Medical Center’s Internal Medicine Residency Program

Healthcare delivery and the practice of medicine are evolving at a rapid rate. Primary care physicians are now caring for increasing numbers of patients with complicated medical illnesses. Primary care is being administered in both inpatient and outpatient settings. In order to keep pace with these ever-increasing demands, medical education must also evolve. Canyon Vista Medical Center recognizes the importance of Internal Medicine and provides an ideal environment for training to occur and established its Residency Program in 2007, becoming a teaching facility for resident physicians.

The driving forces behind the development of the Residency program are William G. Elliott, D.O. and David Knapp, M.D. The program was established to give residents the training needed to manage a wide range of clinical, social, and administrative factors that affect health care in rural and urban settings. Additionally, the medical staff at Canyon Vista Medical Center is dedicated to an internal medicine residency that presents current, up-to-date training for interns and residents in various subspecialties. Doctors of internal medicine focus on adult medicine and have completed special study and training in the prevention and treatment of adult diseases. At least three of the seven or more years of medical school and postgraduate training are dedicated to learning how to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that affect adults.

After formal residency training, it is a priority for practicing physicians to maintain their skills and to keep abreast of new knowledge. The learning habits and skills that are developed during residency are what allow physicians to stay current. Canyon Vista Medical Center aims to train the next generation of internists and to practice innovative, evidence-based, multi-disciplinary medicine. This internal medicine training allows residents to explore varied career opportunities and prepares them to achieve extraordinary professional success while teaching them to provide state-of-the-art patient care in diverse settings.

Internal Medicine Graduate Medical Education

The curriculum provides a specialty track three-year Internal Medicine residency with the first year qualifying as both an internship and as the first year of residency. Training occurs at Canyon Vista Medical Center and in subspecialty medicine through participating hospitals in Tucson.

Canyon Vista Medical Center’s Family Medicine Residency Program

Canyon Vista Medical Center expanded the residency training programs adding a Family Medicine Program in July 2010 with the goal to retain the residents in the community who complete the program. The Family Medicine Residency at Canyon Vista Medical Center started as a joint venture with the Osteopathic Postgraduate Training Institute of Midwestern University. The residency is designed to produce two fully trained osteopathic family physicians each year. The idea is that the local community will enjoy the benefits of having additional resident physicians in the hospital in Sierra Vista and that hopefully, some of these young doctors will choose to stay and practice in Cochise County. The program takes doctors who have completed osteopathic medical school and teaches them through educational lectures and on the job experience to be family physicians. “The program takes three years to complete and there are six Family Medicine residents at the hospital at any given time,” says Program Director Dr. Marc Kaplan, D.O. Dr. Kaplan has over twenty years experience in family medicine in Sierra Vista. Dr. William Elliott is the Director of Medical Education for the Residency Programs.

The family medicine residents follow the same basic structure as the internal medicine residents.  They do have more clinic time requirements than the internal medicine residents.  They will also spend more time doing subspecialty rotations like pediatrics and obstetrics, as compared to the internal medicine residents.

Learn more about the program, by visiting the Canyon Vista Medical Center Family Medicine Residency & Clinic website, here.

Internship and Residency Opportunities

Canyon Vista Medical Center provides a specialty track three-year internal medicine and family medicine residency with the first year qualifying as both internship and first year of residency. Training will occur both at Canyon Vista Medical Center as well as some training in subspecialty medicine at Tucson Medical Center, a 650-bed facility in Tucson. In addition, there is outpatient training experience at Chiricahua Community Health Centers.

Strengths and Unique Aspects of Canyon Vista Medical Center Residency

Canyon Vista Medical Center is the dominant health care facility for Cochise County, an area that is growing rapidly. However, there is still a significant rural aspect to the area so it can provide both rural as well as urban type of environments. The medical staff at Canyon Vista Medical Center is dedicated to an osteopathic family medicine and internal medicine residency program that provides current up-to-date training for both interns and residents in a variety of subspecialties as well as general internal medicine and family medicine. The affiliation with Tucson Medical Center allows residents to experience health care at a major metropolitan hospital.

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