1. How do I know how much I really owe?

After your insurance company makes payment, you will receive a summary statement indicating any payment you owe. We are happy to assist you regarding this or any portion of your healthcare costs by calling 520-263-3800.

2. Who can I call for help and what is the number?

We welcome your telephone call at any time. Whenever you need help, please call us at 520-263-3800.

3. What if I cannot pay?

We understand that paying for healthcare may be a concern. Our financial counselors are happy to assist you with your payment options. You may call them at 520-263-2008.

4. Where are you located?

We are located at 5700 E. Highway 90 in Sierra Vista.

5. I did not receive these services, what should I do?

For any questions regarding your billing, please call our Patient Accounts Department at        520-263-3800.

6. I received more than one bill for services. Why?

Sometimes you may receive more than one billing for services. If you were seen in our Emergency Department, there will be a bill from the emergency physician. If you received an   X-ray or other radiology type service, you will receive a bill from radiology services.

For information regarding additional billing please call:

602-943-9200 for Emergency physician billing

800-634-0665 for Radiology services billing

520-263-3153 (our Quality Department) if you have any other concerns regarding additional billing.

7. How do I know if you are contracted with my insurance company?

The most current information regarding contracted services may be obtained from your insurance company. We encourage you to call them for specific information according to your insurance plan.

8. If Canyon Vista Medical Center is “out of network” for my health plan, can I still go there for services?

You may receive care at our hospital if your company is not “contracted” with our hospital – please contact your insurance company to determine what portions of your service will be covered.

9. My hospitalization resulted from an accident. What should I do?

Please call us at 520-263-3020 so you can assist us with additional information we need for accurate billing.