Patient Stories

“A New Lease on Life”

A few years ago, Wenche Zimmerman could barely walk, “I had been hobbling around for four or five years because of the pain in my right knee,” explained Wenche. Then Wenche went to see Dr. Brian Daines, an orthopaedic surgeon with Canyon Vista Medical Center. Contemplating joint replacement is a major life decision and often comes with many questions and some anxiety considering any surgery. “He treated me like I was the only person he was going to see all day,” said Wenche. Dr. Daines spent time thoroughly answering her questions and comforting Wenche’s concerns, “He was so patient and took the time to answer all of my questions.” Read More>>

Sabine and Emily“From Checking In to Checking Up”

It was 5:30 AM on February 2 when Danny Ham arrived at Canyon Vista Medical Center for outpatient surgery.   Mr. Ham was taken immediately back to pre-op after the admission process was complete where his nurse, Sabine, went out of her way to make sure he was comfortable.

“She always took the time to ensure I understood what was happening, how it would happen and why” Ham said.  Read more >>

Amy and Robert“A True Demonstration of Trusted Care”

Today at Canyon Vista Medical Center we had a developmentally delayed patient. She had consumed medication that was not hers and needed a full work up but was quite scared of being in a new environment surrounded by new people. RN Amy and Floor Tech Robert worked very patiently with her, going FAR above and beyond to get her a special snack (her favorite) and encouraging her to relax and cooperate so she could receive the care she needed.  Read more >>

Flower“Flower Gets a Place to Stay”

Michael Cowan and his dog flower have a lot to say and so much to be thankful for when it came to the extraordinary care they received from Ashlee Manning, RN.

Mr. Cowan wasn’t feeling quite right one evening and drove himself to the Emergency Department at Canyon Vista Medical Center to be seen while his beloved and trustee dog, Flower, waited for him in the car.  It wasn’t long before the Doctor told him that he needed to be admitted.  “Flower was in the car and they were trying to admit me.  Well I kept telling them I couldn’t do that, that Flower needed someone to take care of her, when all of a sudden I hear this soft voice say ‘I’ll take her’.  Read more >>

Janis Barnes“Bye-bye bunions!”

Janis Barnes had tried six different pairs of sneakers, hoping to find pain relief for the bunions on both her feet.

(A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe.) Nothing worked. “I even tried to wear men’s shoes because the toe box is larger,” says Janis, who moved to Sierra Vista from Buffalo about 10 years ago. “But I was still in pain.”

Then Janis went to see Dr. Jarrett Hamilton (left), a podiatrist with Sierra Vista Medical Group this past January. “Dr. Hamilton is very comfortable to talk to,” Janis says. “He really explained the situation to me and told me what to expect during my surgery and recovery.”  Read more >>

Linda Howard“With 3D Mammography, better detection gives me peace of mind.”

Linda Howard was absolutely thrilled about her recent mammogram appointment at Canyon Vista Medical Center’s Carter Imaging Center. “The whole visit—from the moment I walked in to when I left—was no more than 10 minutes!” Linda said. “Graciela Villanueva, 3D mammo technologist, was so friendly and knew exactly what she was doing. I’m small, less than five feet. In the past, I had to stand on a box for my mammogram. This time, the machine adjusted to fit me. The time it took to have the 3D mammogram seemed almost instantaneous. All in all, it was a magnificent visit.”  Read More >>


“Outstanding knee revision surgery, zero pain, and 100% usability of my knee!” – Rodney Long

How proud you must be to have the best “TEAM OF THERAPISTS” in the physical therapy department! Recently, I was a patient with shoulder pain. Your Rehabilitation team was wonderful, kind, knowledgeable, and most important very concerned and caring about my pain. They put me through some tough therapy. I was so thrilled with their care and how they helped me which made me become compliant with the home exercises. My recovery was quick. While I was sitting with ice on my shoulder, I observed the other therapist at work, they too were caring, kind, and had a great deal of empathy for their patients. I am very grateful for the healing but sad that i am not a patient anymore. I am very happy with my recovery. In the future, if I should need therapy again, I know I will heal with the caring that counts the most from your Rehabilitation team.

Respectfully yours,
Mary B.

Thank you to all the nurses and staff for all the wonderful care we received.

Steve D., Dale D., and Alex D.

To all the staff in the Emergency Department:

Thank you for being such wonderful people. You are the best nurses and doctors in Arizona.

Bryan W.

We always felt safe and assured with the updated information about our mother’s care. Natalie, who is a tech on the second floor, was always pleasant and kind.

Thank you, Georgette O and Debi S.

I just wanted to say that I had a fantastic experience with the whole team that looked after me before, during and after delivery. I feel so blessed and grateful to have had this team to support me through a momentous time in my life.

The nurses, in particular, were so empathetic, caring and just wonderful to be around. I have been to some of the biggest hospitals in the world (Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess, Brigham and Women’s) for various surgeries and trauma care after a serious car accident.

But I can say, without any hesitation, that my experience at Canyon Vista has just been so wonderful and special.

Please keep up the good work!

All the very best,
Bijoyini C.

Thanks so much for the great care!

Keith K.

My husband had a colonoscopy at your facility. We want to thank all the nurses that cared for him – Megan, Salona, Michelle, and Laura as well as Dr. Boyella. What a great team! We felt they were efficient, kindl, professional, and well trained.

Many Thanks,
Sonia S.