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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

The treatment of chronic lung disease is frequently complicated, confusing, and frustrating for both patients, their families, and for those who care for them. Canyon Vista Medical Center is proud to sponsor a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program. Pulmonary Rehabilitation focuses on not only clients affected by lung disease but their families, as well.

As a nine-week, small-group course, Pulmonary Rehabilitation is designed to help cope with symptoms and problems that arise from living with lung disease. The scope of the program includes two sessions per week consisting of classroom learning and physical exercise. A six minute walk test is required before a patient begins the program.

These concentrations include:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Reduced shortness of breath
  • Decreased number of hospital and healthcare provider visits
  • Improved symptom control
  • Education for skills retraining, physical reconditioning, and psychological support

Requiring a referral from a physician, clients for Pulmonary Rehabilitation will be considered by the following criteria:

  • Is there a pulmonary disease diagnosis?
  • Is the client on a maximal medical treatment regimen?
  • Is the client stable with no other limiting serious medical and/or mental conditions?
  • Is there a documented decrease in activities of daily living?
  • Has the client stopped smoking for greater than three months?
  • Is the client motivated to be an active participant for healthcare improvement?

After receiving a physician’s referral, candidates for Pulmonary Rehabilitation will undergo pre- evaluation studies involving workups, to include Pulmonary Function tests, and chest X-rays. After assessment and the confirmation of candidacy, they can be scheduled for the program. Family members play an important role in a candidate’s pulmonary rehabilitation process. They are encouraged to attend the educational sessions.

For more information, please call 520.263.3730.

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